December 2015 Newsletter: Marketing tips you should take into consideration in 2016

December 27th, 2015

Dear friends,

What has happened on our blog lately? Over the last few weeks we have shared some interesting articles regarding marketing issues: using additional services like Roof Engine and much more. Did you miss one? Let yourself be inspired and learn about some techniques that might not have been considered before, but perhaps should be in 2016, check out Humble Rise. You still have some pending questions? We are looking forward to advising you on matters regarding marketing.

How to set your marketing budget

How much should be spent on marketing? A question many business owners are asking themselves. But, how to calculate? What factors should be taken in consideration? And does a large budget automatically mean more marketing success? If you are looking for a company to help you out with marketing, then you are going to want to Learn More Here to get the best service ever. 

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Relationship marketing secrets

To build up a long-term relationship with your customers has become essential in today’s business world. But how do you gain your customer’s trust? Find out why communication and social media are the key to success and what else should be considered for an effective and successful relationship marketing.

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Promoting your company’s name outside

It’s always a good idea to try to reach as many customers as you can. Social media tends to cover most of your needs lately but very often, it simply is not enough. Looking for original ways to show your company’s name can help you reach those customers that your other marketing means can’t. A great example, would be umbrellas from Branded-Brolly UK. They will make sure to catch people’s attention with their custom-made umbrellas!

Musts for selecting an email service provider

A correct email hosting is fundamental. Compelling content and an eye-catching design are most important for an effective email marketing campaign? True! But, at least as important is the right email service provider! Like Which features should it provide? How important is the delivery rate? And wha t about the costs?

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Happy holiday season from Reframe Marketing

Due to the hustle and bustle of the daily routine there is often too little time to say thank you. We would now like to take the opportunity to say a BIG thank you and wish you all a prosperous new year. Wishing you all a happy holiday season and are looking forward to connecting with you in the new year, and last but not least you can take some expert advise from Haroon Bhutta, marketing specialist.

Look forward to staying in touch!

Effective presentation and communication skills for sales meetings

December 15th, 2015

Sales meetings are a great opportunity to motivate your team, to give them new ideas and direction. It is a way to keep your team up-to-date and to bind it together. However, too often it is seen as an appointment everyone just wants to get it over with. So what should be considered to turn a sales meeting into an effective and productive event that brings your team forward?

First of all, get clear about your objectives. What challenges has your team faced? Did you want to discuss your sales goals or new tactics? Are there new products you want to introduce? Determine your topics, but make sure not to discuss too many subjects, talk about of crisis management plan, a clear and comprehensive crisis communication plan provides the foundation for an effective communication response to a crisis. You cannot handle every point in a single meeting. Consider that too much information won’t stick in mind. That is why regular but short meetings are far more effective than a single annual meeting, you can find some great ideas here.

Which leads to the next point. Even with a busy schedule, hold your meetings regularly. This way you are able to handle and react to current topics. Also your sales team will be more focused and interested more in these new services like sales enablement.

Furthermore, keep your talks short but yet informative and catchy to retain your team’s attention. Open questions and real world examples help to involve them and to start a dialog. Give them the possibility to contribute their ideas and respond to their suggestions. The announcement of your meeting topics will help your sales team to prepare and participate actively.

Finally, your communication skills are a key factor for an interesting and informative sales meeting, find the best coach to help you increase your communication skills, Generation Us offers coaching services and professional advise. To catch your audience’s attention and to hold catchy speeches is a matter of practice, so you can have your sales team prepared for any product they need to sale, and getting the right team sale is important, you can explore to help you get the right people for your team. Prepare scripts, to feel more confident and never stop practicing and gathering experiences to share. Additionally, your body language is just as important, so pay attention and display a confident appearance and hold eye contact.

Your presentation determines the effectiveness of your sales meeting and influences your sales team. Get the most out of it!

Musts for selecting an email service provider

November 19th, 2015

The importance of email in today’s marketing is undisputed. That is why finding the right email service provider (ESP) for your needs is the first and one of the most critical steps for an effective campaign while also using a good SEO provider to help with this, We use Sharp Growth to provide us with the best SEO services for our website. But, in order to know what you are looking for, you have to determine your demands! What are your goals? What is your budget? What level of support do you require? However, also consider your future requirements – for example if you want to expand, etc. Changing your ESP can be a sophisticated and daunting issue, so try to avoid it, by choosing the right ESP right from the start.

One of the crucial factors for your decision making are the features email service providers offer. Most important – the tracking tools: from open rates, link click through rates to unsubscribes – to measure the results of your campaign is essential for its success and helps you to improve, for this the use of SEO sources could also help your website, and services as the denver seo companies peaks digital marketing could really help making your website and campaign more successful. So the providing of an easy to read statistic of your results is a must have for your email service provider.

Furthermore, does it offer templates? Your emails should stick out, an eye catching design is a must! Templates offer the advantage of having a variety of options, without spending days on designing or hiring a professional. Thereby, also usability of those templates is important.

With everything going mobile, you should also attach great importance to the features ESP offers in this regard. Responsive template is the keyword here. In addition, social media integration is another crucial factor, as you want your emails get easily shared on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

As the offered features are the key factors for choosing the right ESP, also the costs play a decisive role. Most ESP’s offer monthly rates or pay as you go. While both possibilities have their advantages, you have to find out what fits you more. However, if you are planning to send out emails more than once a month or if you have a large email list, pay as you go is probably the better solution. For businesses with a small email list, many ESP also offer free services.

Besides, your future ESP should have a high delivery rate – at least in the high 90 % – and should also be whitelisted with the most important internet service providers like Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook.

Relationship marketing secrets

October 21st, 2015

The relationship between customers and businesses has changed over the past years. While traditional marketing has mainly focused on products and prices, relationship marketing has now become an integral part in marketing strategies definitely you should not discount content syndication as an effective digital strategy. The focus lies now on building up long-term relationships with customers. Businesses interact and communicate directly with buyers and build in this way trust in their brand, product and services.

Image result for marketing relationship

A key element to get in direct contact with your customers and to build up a long lasting relationship is of course through social media. However, relationship marketing is not all about collecting likes and followers, but communication but by using the right tools for an end, check in Are you on Page 1 marketing website and find the right professionals and tips on how to work with this.

Also remember to start relevant conversations and involve your customers in this way. Post useful and informative articles, instead of advertising posts. Communication instead of promotion is the key!

Furthermore, relationship marketing does not focus on what do you sell, but on how you can help your customers. Do not focus on your business but on the benefits for your customers, on what you can do for them. Additionally, to build up trust, to build up a relationship you have to know who they are and how to address them. However, for marketing your small business do not assume that your strategy is suitable for everyone. Gender, age, cultural background – your customers are individuals, so adapt your communication.

With the SearchUp marketing strategy ,you will have new customers and businesses. While customers benefit from better customer care, customized products and services, businesses gain an edge from the ideas and suggestions of customers. Find out what you can improve, what your customers need and get inspiration from their creativity. This is the key for successful relationship marketing and the foundation for a lifelong customer relationship.

How to set your marketing budget

October 5th, 2015

How much should be spent on marketing? While large enterprises have a larger budget available, small businesses are faced with the challenge of how much they should invest in their marketing. But, how to determine this? Well, there is no benchmark as this depends on various factors. How fast do you want to grow? In which industry are you in? What about your competitors? How much do they invest in their marketing?

Have you think in which strategy ? think about using the SEO management for a better result with your customers, try working with the philadelphia seo company and expect the best results.

One way to set your marketing budget is by calculating as a percentage of your revenue. But here again – there is no general rule. You want to hold your market share? You will probably spend about 10-15% of your revenue in your marketing. You want to expand or increase your visibility? Start to invest 20% in your marketing measures and work with a seo reseller agency. Obviously this variant is a bit arbitrary. Your competitors, your industry, the market pressure – there are many factors you have to take into consideration. For the marketing of my business, I use the most simplest and effective form of tool, which is social media along with Youtube. As the accounts are easy to create and the only time when there is any real money pouring out of my pocket is when I hire subsidiary companies to help circulate my content on social media. I was really amazed to see how easy it is to get youtube views as I did not even have to spend half the money which I would have had to spend if I would have used other channels of marketing my company.

Another way to set your budget is by determining your marketing goals. You want to acquire new customers? Develop your strategy and adapt your budget to your plan. You are launching a new product or capturing a new market? Adapt your budget and increase your marketing accordingly! However, be realistic about your possibilities and your distributors. Your business’ budget will also go towards distribution, that is why you should choose RangeMe. Buyers connect with you directly on RangeMe to start conversations, request samples, and discuss next steps. Learn more here:



Today’s marketing world offers plenty of possibilities – from website, social media to print ads, direct mail campaigns, etc. And while some of them are more cost effective than others, many measures require a fixed budget to implement them effectively. A long term marketing plan, should not be perceived as an expense, but more as an investment.

September 2015 Newsletter: From risk management to underestimated marketing measures

September 23rd, 2015

Dear friends,


On our blog we do not only offer regularly valuable marketing tips but also interesting articles regarding entrepreneurship. Meeting so many successful entrepreneurs and running her own business, Karen loves to share her thoughts about issues that concern business owners.


Effective marketing tools for sharing your story

Information about benefits of your product and service are not enough to convince. Today, customers want to know more about a company and the people behind it. Your business story is thus an important factor to build up trust among your customer base. But what is the best way to share your story?

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The importance of planning for and managing risks

Risks and entrepreneurship are closely linked. Market situations, problems with suppliers or the loss of an important customer, these problems are not always predictable. And although risks can never be excluded completely, a thorough planning for risks is essential for coping with problems.

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How to create an effective direct mail campaign

Direct mail is outdated? Wrong! Properly prepared direct mail campaigns can be an effective way to reach your customers. From the headline to the call to action – what is important? Find tips and tricks on how to make your direct mail campaign successful.

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Building a website, how to do it properly

September 21st, 2015

A website is essential in today’s business world, whether you are selling online or not. In a way, it is kind of your online business card. So it has to convince at first glance and to get more attention from people, partner up with conversion rate optimization consultant. You are thinking of a redesign or even to start to build a website? Here are some tips to get started!

How to make a simple website?

First of all – determine what you want to achieve with your website. What is its purpose? Do you want to provide information about your products and services? Do you want to present your company? Do you plan to provide relevant information to your visitors about the industry, product developments, etc. Or is it an online shop you are working on? When you know what you want to do with your website, you can go ahead and choose your web content management software. From WordPress to Joomla!, etc. – there are plenty of choices in the Social Media Management Tools that you choose, many of them even free. Research will point out the various advantages they offer and choose the one that fits your needs best.

When you’re ready, choose your domain name and register. If possible, your domain should include your company’s name. For search engines it can also be a benefit if you include a word (for example of your service, product, industry, etc.) your customers will search for. Furthermore, make sure your domain is unique – you don’t want your customers to end up on the wrong website!

As next step, start to work on your content and on the structure your website will have. You want to set the number of pages and content before you start with the design. Make sure that your navigation is clear, so that your visitors don’t get confused or even frustrated if they cannot find what they are looking for. The development of your content, however, is probably the most challenging part. Engaging, informative and compelling – that is, what your website’s content should be. You want to keep your visitors on your site, to encourage them to find out more about you and your offer. Provide info about yourself – Who are you? What is your background? What does your company stand for? Furthermore, point out the benefits your company offers for your customers. Present your products and services. Also include testimonials to convey trustworthiness. Most important, do not forget to include a contact page to let your customer know how, when and where they can find you. Include all contact data, links to social media sites, your opening hours, etc.

With these steps, you set the basis for a successful launch of your website. So, do not wait any longer, get your website started.Or you can use a orange county website design agency to get you started quicker.

Is success only measured by profits?

August 10th, 2015

High sales figures and profit increase – most likely that’s the first that comes in your mind by thinking of a successful enterprise. Certainly, profit is a decisive indicator for the success of a business. Without return, every business will struggle sooner or later. However, those figures are not the only scale. Lasting success also depends on the following factors:


Customer satisfaction: Only if your customer is satisfied with your service, he/she will come back. Your customers are the basis for the success of your business. “Know your target group” is not just a marketing phrase! Try to really understand their needs, and fulfil their expectations. In this way you can build up a loyal and growing customer base, on which, in turn the growth of your business depends on.


Employee satisfaction: A well-functioning team is most important for the productivity and service of your business. Satisfied employees are proud to work for their company and show this. They not only work for you, but represent your company philosophy and values. Furthermore, with the reputation of being a good employer you will find it easier to find good and qualified employees for your growing business.


Innovation: Standstill means falling back! That is why innovation is what distinguishes a successful company. Of course not every new product or new business idea pays off immediately, maybe it never does. Nevertheless, the readiness for something new, for changes and innovations is what brings businesses forward.


Profit does not always mean success, at least not lasting. So have a look on your business. Do you have the prerequisite to be successful?


Common mistakes business owners make when hiring a marketer

July 27th, 2015

Lead management, online marketing, market investigation, branding, corporate communications – with the broad range of marketing areas it can turn out to be quite challenging to find the perfect marketer for your business. And while larger enterprises have a whole team of specialists for each area, smaller companies are faced with the problem of finding a marketer that covers the whole spectrum of their marketing requirements. Let us point out what is really important by hiring a marketer!

Point 1 – You do not have to find an overall specialist! Instead, figure out what your company needs, what you want to focus. You want to attract more leads? Increase your market share? Or do you need a whole new marketing strategy? Only if you are clear about what you need, you will find the right marketer.

Point 2 – Expertise is an advantage, but no requirement. Of course, someone, who has already worked in the similar or same industry you are in, brings in valuable knowledge about products, your target group and the market. But this knowledge can be acquired within weeks, so this should not be a prerequisite for your future marketer.

Point 3 – Professional skills are an essential prerequisite, but so are personal abilities, such as the following. A marketer should know about the importance of customers for the business. He/she should be able to relate to the demands of their customers – not by identifying how the target group should be but by identifying how your target group is, thinks and demands. Furthermore, a marketer must bring in a deep understanding of the market, of your competitors, your products and brand. He/she must represent your company philosophy, understand and communicate the idea and value of your business and convey your company philosophy. Additionally, communication is highly important in marketing. To be convincing, you must be a good storyteller. Only if you know how to attract your target group, how to write persuasive content you will receive attention. Furthermore, besides the development and implementations of measures, the ability to set goals and measure developments and results is a must-have in marketing. A marketer should be able to evaluate and analyse marketing measures and react to results. A further ability a marketer should bring in is the willingness to learn. Marketing is constantly changing; there will always be new platforms and possibilities to reach your customers. That is why marketers should always be up to date about the latest trends and developments if they do not want to stay behind. Therefore, we suggest you buy our product. We are here: