What is the value of mentoring as a way of giving back to your community and for your own personal growth

Everyone remembers a persons in his/her life, who have guided them on their career path. But have you ever considered being this person for someone else? Whether you are a Human Resources Manager for an international organization, you work in development or you hold an executive position in a successful company, many young newcomers strive to hear about your experiences.

With the help of a mentor, inexperienced individuals are supported in their careers, by getting insights in new business fields and learning from your experiences.

The sharing of knowledge and experience does not only help the mentee to develop professionally and personally, but it can turn out to be a valuable experience for you as a mentor as well. Years of business can lead to tunnel vision. The energy and excitement of newcomers, however, can help you to change your way of looking at things and open up new perspectives. Acquire new energy through interaction with the next generation and improve your leadership traits not just for your benefit, but also to show them that they can also inculcate such traits to become a better version of themselves.

To work with immigrants or people who want to change jobs gives you the chance to get insights in other (international) business fields, you would not get otherwise. Besides, being a mentor offers you the opportunity to establish networks, meet new business partners and help you find new employees.

You see, being a mentor can make you reflect on your own work, help you to develop and make better decisions. But considerably more it is about passing on your own experiences you gained over the years and supporting the next generation in deciding their career path.

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