How to name your company

Of all the decisions you have to make when you start a business, your company’s name is one of the most important ones. Your logo, the way you answer your phone calls, etc. your company name is key to starting with a big impact. So take your time to find the perfect name for your startup!

Start with brainstorming for a name and then do a business name availability search on it.  Make sure you ask yourself questions like, what defines your business? Your products? What is your company philosophy? List the key benefits of your products and what makes you unique. This might help give you some direction. Sometimes it can also help to analyse the names of other businesses. Have a look at all the well-known brands. Why do you think they stand out? Are they catchy? What do you connect with their name?

Furthermore, get together with your future team, with friends or family and gather further ideas. Collect all ideas, no matter how irrelevant or even ridiculous they might sound at the beginning – they can be helpful at a later time.

The next step is to shorten your list and strike off the names that are too complicated or meaningless. Your business name should be easy to remember, so avoid long names, strings of numbers and initials. Also, the spelling is important. You want your customers to find you on Google, Yellow Pages, etc. So keep your name simple and straightforward. Additionally, with regard to possible future expansions, do not use geographical names and product categories in order to not limit yourself and to avoid confusions and misunderstandings.

At this point you should have shortened your list to about four or five name suggestions. However, before making your final decision, make sure that your remaining name ideas are not trademarked. Also check if the matching domain is available and avoid in this way unpleasant surprises. Nothing is more confusing for customers when you have to use a different website name.

Considering the given tips above, you are only steps away of finding your perfect business name. What are you waiting for – start brainstorming.