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  • December 2015 Newsletter: Marketing tips you should take into consideration in 2016

    Dear friends, What has happened on our blog lately? Over the last few weeks we have shared some interesting articles regarding marketing issues: using additional services like Roof Engine and much more. Did you miss one? Let yourself be inspired and learn about some techniques that might not have been considered before, but perhaps should be […]

  • Effective presentation and communication skills for sales meetings

    Sales meetings are a great opportunity to motivate your team, to give them new ideas and direction. It is a way to keep your team up-to-date and to bind it together. However, too often it is seen as an appointment everyone just wants to get it over with. So what should be considered to turn […]

  • Musts for selecting an email service provider

    The importance of email in today’s marketing is undisputed. That is why finding the right email service provider (ESP) for your needs is the first and one of the most critical steps for an effective campaign while also using a good SEO provider to help with this, We use Sharp Growth to provide us with […]

  • Relationship marketing secrets

    The relationship between customers and businesses has changed over the past years. While traditional marketing has mainly focused on products and prices, relationship marketing has now become an integral part in marketing strategies definitely you should not discount content syndication as an effective digital strategy. The focus lies now on building up long-term relationships with […]

  • How to set your marketing budget

    How much should be spent on marketing? While large enterprises have a larger budget available, small businesses are faced with the challenge of how much they should invest in their marketing. But, how to determine this? Well, there is no benchmark as this depends on various factors. How fast do you want to grow? In […]

  • September 2015 Newsletter: From risk management to underestimated marketing measures

    Dear friends,   On our blog we do not only offer regularly valuable marketing tips but also interesting articles regarding entrepreneurship. Meeting so many successful entrepreneurs and running her own business, Karen loves to share her thoughts about issues that concern business owners.   Effective marketing tools for sharing your story Information about benefits of […]

  • Building a website, how to do it properly

    A website is essential in today’s business world, whether you are selling online or not. In a way, it is kind of your online business card. So it has to convince at first glance and to get more attention from people, partner up with conversion rate optimization consultant. You are thinking of a redesign or […]

  • Is success only measured by profits?

    High sales figures and profit increase – most likely that’s the first that comes in your mind by thinking of a successful enterprise. Certainly, profit is a decisive indicator for the success of a business. Without return, every business will struggle sooner or later. However, those figures are not the only scale. Lasting success also […]

  • Common mistakes business owners make when hiring a marketer

    Lead management, online marketing, market investigation, branding, corporate communications – with the broad range of marketing areas it can turn out to be quite challenging to find the perfect marketer for your business. And while larger enterprises have a whole team of specialists for each area, smaller companies are faced with the problem of finding […]