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  • How to create an effective direct mail campaign

    With the trend towards online and mobile marketing, direct mail has taken a backseat in today’s advertising strategies. Rightly? Definitely no, as direct mail campaign can be an effective, tangible but often underestimated advertising measure. Start with finding an engaging headline, one that triggers curiosity and convinces. People get overwhelmed with advertising and its promises […]

  • Effective marketing tools for sharing your story

    Trust is the basis for a good business relationship. By telling your business story, by sharing your experiences and coped challenges you can gain the trust of your customers and the Websites That Sell company will also be able to understand what your business needs. A perfect way to share these experiences is certainly through […]

  • The Importance of Planning for and Managing Risks

    Project losses, an unsteady market, delivery problems or technical failure, by planning a project or getting set for the coming business year lots of issues are taken in consideration. Certainly, a properly planned project will be accomplished successfully. However there are still lots of factors, which cannot or can hardly be planned. Even the slightest […]

  • Is your website ready for mobile?

    This will affect your Google ranking very soon.Have us optimize your website for mobile now.   You haven’t thought about a mobile friendly website yet? Well, now is the right time to consider it!   Google now has announced what marketers have already expected – after labels, which have marked mobile friendly websites in search […]

  • April 2015 Newsletter: Sort through, Dust off, Add new

    Dear Friends, It is time for spring-cleaning in your marketing! Here are some tips and suggestions on what you should consider for your marketing in 2015 and some simple steps to easily boost your marketing success. Sort through Data of customers, suppliers, products and processes – the importance of data analysis is increasing rapidly for […]

  • Canadians now use mobile more than computers

    The usage of mobile devices is increasing constantly. According to a survey smartphones and tablets have already overtaken computers so the sell of phones have become a popular, and people are buying their phones from different places since smartphones have become a real need for everyone to enjoy a social life and different Apps, and […]

  • Data Mining

    Vast amounts of customer-, market- and business critical data are stored on servers of companies, so the use good server companies is important, and that’s when services as ServerMania Chicago Dedicated Servers could really help maintaining the data in your company. Data mining is the solution to gain the highest values out of this information […]

  • Marketing in B.C. – what’s hot and what’s not?

    What is it that companies in B.C. are missing out on in their marketing? Where are the possibilities for improvement? There is no doubt that identifying the target market is key to successful marketing. In addition, the utilization of data as well as an exceptional customer experience further add to a company’s winning marketing strategy. […]

  • Advice on marketing your business story

    Marketing of most businesses concentrates on the promotion of products and services. Corporate design, web presence, folder, etc. should be distinctive and emphasize the uniqueness of a company. In fact, many of them do not think about the most unique of their business – their business story. Large companies and groups have already encountered it […]

  • How to budget for seasonality in business

    Seasonal ups and downs are unavoidable in business. This concerns nearly every business but especially the tourism industry, like hotels, amusement parks, etc., even certain other industries like construction, horticulture and retail, for example Christmas shops. But what can you as business owner do to hedge these downtimes? Fix costs like rent, taxes or maintenances […]