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Advice on marketing your business story

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Marketing of most businesses concentrates on the promotion of products and services. Corporate design, web presence, folder, etc. should be distinctive and emphasize the uniqueness of a company. In fact, many of them do not think about the most unique of their business – their business story. Large companies and groups have already encountered it and promote their story in order to become more tangible. To be perceived as a person not as faceless company, is exactly the right way to stay in your customer’s mind.

Share your first steps as an entrepreneur. What has encouraged you to start a business? What inspires you? I am personally inspired by recycling baler machines for sale. At the same time, entrepreneurship and the desire to achieve their goal develop.

Give your customer an understanding about your values, your beliefs and the quality that distinguishes you. Build up trust in your team; trust in your company, your reliability, and the quality behind your products and services.

Talk about your successes. Show how you helped customers with their projects and how you even led demanding projects to success. Convey the impression that you are able to deal with challenges and that your customers can rely on you. Show that you care about them, that their benefits are of your utmost concern.

However, avoid exaggeration! To the contrary, also mention the failure and setbacks you experienced in the course of time. Failure belongs to entrepreneurship. To share them shows personality – to leave them out makes you implausible.

Furthermore, highlight your goals and vision. Let your customers take part in your plans. Businesses, which constantly develop and work on themselves show that they do not fear challenges and always strive to do their best.

Do not make the mistake to just talk about your products and services. Your clients want to hear YOUR story. Also, avoid too much technical jargon, which rather appears arrogant than competent.

The sharing of your personal business story gives you a distinguishing character. It brings your customers closer to your company and connects you “emotionally” with them.

Speed Mentoring Sessions Success at Canadian Immigrant Career, Education & Settlement Fair

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Karen was one of the mentors at Canadian Immigrant Magazine’s Career, Education & Settlement Fair on Monday December 16 at the Vancouver Public Library. Her two hour session was very busy such that many valuable questions were asked during the one-on-one speed mentoring regarding how to start and succeed in small business etc. Karen hopes Canadian Immigrant Magazine will hold this event next year again as it was well received by show attendees.
2013-12-16 CIM Fair-25

Dear Karen Column Inside Canadian Immigrant Magazine October 2013

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Hot off the press! Reframe Marketing’s latest column in Canadian Immigrant Magazine. Grab the latest issue of Canadian Immigrant Magazine and read about Karen’s tips to making your business attractive to investors.

Hottest Industries in Canada posted at Canadian Immigrant Magazine

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

For potential startups, here are some tips to understand the business environment and consumer needs in Canada. Karen’s article analyzing and researching the most popular industries in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal is posted at Canadian Immigrant Magazine here: You might also not want to miss the print version article with extra advice and information, published in the October issue –  The 9 most common mistakes made when starting a small business (see below).