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Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility

Monday, February 6th, 2012
Many businesses hesitate before deciding whether they should develop and implement corporate social responsibility strategies. Nevertheless, Karen is going to talking about some direct business benefits if your business does engage in socially responsible activities in her post at CYBF here:

Re-Evaluating your Marketing Strategy After a Recession

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

The recent economic recession shook up a lot of businesses all around the world. Some businesses had to shut down, some had to restructure, some had to quickly re-adjust what they were doing to survive.

They always say, we learn from our mistakes. Businesses need to keep in mind that all things that go up will eventually go down at some point, but by how much is always a good question. After this recession many businesses will bring in a Marketing Consultant to review their Marketing Budget and provide feedback on how they stack up, integrate marketing accountability into marketing programs, and develop a strategic marketing plan that accounts for recessionary times as to what the business will do.

The thing that frustrates Marketing Consultants most is businesses that spend a ton of money on marketing services like advertising and promotions. However, they then complain that they had lousy results and bring in a Marketing Consultant to fix it. At that point it’s too late, the money has already been spent. Businesses should learn to be more proactive and bring in the experts earlier on in the process, rather than during a crisis when the business could be at a point of no return. Next time you think about marketing, get some advice from a marketing expert on what would get you the most bang for the buck before you have nothing left to spend.

Do you know what makes your business different from those around you?

Friday, December 11th, 2009

If not, this is something you can build on over time. Keep in the back of your mind all the time

What is your businesses area of difference?
Do your customers know what your difference is?
Ask your regular customers to point out what they think is different about your business
Focus on running your own race rather than focusing on your competitors
What is your moat?

This is what effective Marketing is all about.