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A Truly Successful Evening – Consulting with the Stars!

Thursday, March 29th, 2012


Praised with the glamorous title “Consulting with the stars” the network evening for SFU’s best students took place on March 28th. The event, organized by Simon Fraser Consulting and Golden Key, was intended to give students the chance to connect with leading companies. And it was a great success!

Besides informative speeches from business owners, among them Reframe’s founder Karen Milde, students had also the opportunity to talk to various entrepreneurs about starting a business, the challenges they faced, experiences, etc. Set up like a business “speed date”, every student group had the possibility to move from table to table and got in this way the chance to speak to every company.

As at every event Karen attended, she was excited to share her experiences, her knowledge to the younger generation. Abe and Karen enjoyed the talks with the students and were impressed by their interest and ambition.

Consulting with the stars was the right slogan for this event. Connecting with young people, who know exactly what they want in their future, is always inspiring and gives motivation. Therefore Karen and Abe are already looking forward to the next event of that kind.

Presentation at Langara College, March 22, 2012

Friday, March 23rd, 2012


“Great exposure to the outside world!”, “Helped me in pushing myself to find an internship this summer!”, “I liked her interactive approach!”, “Bring her back!” – These are only a few quotes from students after Karen’s presentation at Langara College on Thursday March 22th.

Interactive Media was the topic, a very interesting one, for Karen as well as for the students. There were so many aspects to talk about that the time passed quickly, almost too quickly. Nevertheless, Karen found time to answer many questions regarding marketing, internships, and starting a business.

According to the motto “good is not good enough”, Karen is planning to incorporate more specific practical examples at upcoming presentations. And for all listeners, questions are more than welcome!

Karen Presenting at SFU

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

“It was my pleasure to share with a full-house set of budding young entrepreneurs my trials, tribulations, and experiences on becoming an entrepreneur. I was part of a panel that included 3 other business owners and one speaker from SFU SIFE. It was so much fun listening to other entrepreneurs share their stories and hearing about how far they’ve come in their ventures.  Aside from that, the panel provided many great tips on things to consider when starting a business. The knowledge share in the seminar was so inspiring and motivational.  This interactive session could have been easily valued at a few hundred dollars given the expertise in the room but I am so glad that eager students were able to attend free of charge. Thanks to everyone who attended and stay tuned for other upcoming career services entrepreneurial seminars!”

A thank you note from one of the students:

Dear Karen,
I attended the speaker panel at SFU yesterday. I wanted to sincerely thank you for taking time off to share your experience with us. I, myself have graduated from SFU and have a concentration in Marketing and Finance, so I was very inspired by your experience especially when you said that you wanted to do what most people won’t do now in order to do what most people can’t in the future.. This quote will stay with me always…


If you are interested in having Karen speak at your event, email