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What motivates you to give back to your community?

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

In today’s society many people think about investing their time and skills for charitable work, in order to give back. Having an impact in this way does foremost benefit your community, but in the same time you gain valuable experience as well.

Volunteering brings together people, who might not have met otherwise. To work on a project together establishes bonds and helps to build up new friendships. You are new in town? Volunteering is a great opportunity for you to integrate and to meet new people. Even introverts might find this method easier to get in contact with people. The mutual achieving of goals and gathering of experience boosts your self-confidence and makes you automatically more outgoing.

Furthermore, you are able to improve your skills and even learn new ones, which benefits your professional future. Besides the enhancement of your social skills helps you learn to work in a team, improve your organisation and problem solving skills and much more. It might even open up entirely new perspectives on life, as you are able to gain insights in other professional fields, you probably never thought about.

However, you are also able to contribute your skills to help an organisation. Maybe you work in sales? You can benefit your organisation by raising money. Or you are in marketing? Advise the organisation you work for, to become known.

Besides, to work on voluntary projects is a great opportunity to get away from daily routine and to work off stress. For many people it provides a welcome contrast to their work and simultaneously gives them the possibility to do something good. After a whole week in an office it can be a welcome alternative to spend your weekends volunteering on a field for harvesting, etc.

However, the main reason for people to give back is the satisfaction they get from work for the benefit of others. This may help you change your view on life and further develop you as an individual.


Karen Milde participates in SFU Alumni Service Day

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Karen Milde, Founder of Reframe Marketing will be volunteering on June 6th, 2010 at a soup kitchen in the downtown Eastside Vancouver, BC Canada called ‘Drop In Living Room’. She (of course with the help of others) is tasked with preparing and serving a hot meal for over 120 homeless people with mental challenges or drug addictions.

Details on SFU Alumni Day of Service available here: